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The New Old Truck, written by Jennifer Somervell, illustrated by her...

Max is in space and orbiting around the Earth! The series Max Goes to Space, written by...

CSR and Environment Safety

At TWP, we strongly believe in corporate responsibility. Constantly monitoring the impact of our company's actions, we strive to improve the world around us.

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TWP is at the forefront of print technology.  We utilise some of the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment internationally.

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Discover a one-stop printing solution at TWP. Our strong history of success stems from the pride we take in delivering on our promises. Thanks to top-of-the-line machinery and rigorous quality control at every step of the manufacturing process, our products are of the highest quality. TWP also prioritizes innovation in products and services that help our customers grow their business.

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  • "TWP customer service makes publishing my book a breeze.
    Your craftsmanship is superior than the rest I have tried, and I've tried many in the past."

    Humphrey, Sweden

  • "Your attention to detail amazes me! ... Yes, I will be printing more books with you!"

    Jasmine Ong, Singapore

  • "Received my book. I am delighted with the quality and finishing. I’ll be back for more. "

    Joel, Singapore

Virtual Tour

The TWP printing press plant is one of the largest in South East Asia. Embark on a virtual tour of our plant and interact with its facilities!