If you aspire to publish your own book, look no further! TWP offers a one-stop printing service for self-publishers.  You have the complete luxury of deciding on the number of books to print as we do not enforce a minimum or maximum number of books you have to print.

The first step in self-publishing is deciding on the specifications of your book. This includes the dimensions and orientation of the book. Next, you choose between binding your book as a hard cover or a limp cover book. Different binding methods will be available depending on several factors such as the type of cover, thickness of the book, weight of the book and so on. Below is a list of some of the basic bindings we offer:


Saddle Stitch

A method of binding where wire staples are inserted into the spine of the book to hold the pages together. It can only be used on limp cover books and is generally for thin books.



Thread Sewn

A method of binding where multiple threads are sewn into the signatures (collection of pages) to hold them together. It can be used for both limp and hard cover books.



Perfect Binding

A method of binding where a strong yet flexible thermal glue attaches the pages and cover together at the spine. It can be used for both limp and hard cover books.


PUR Binding

PUR binding is similar to perfect binding, except that the type of glue used in the binding process is different, creating an even stronger binding than perfect binding. The spine of the book is first grinded before the PUR glue is applied to give an even coating of the glue and to allow a stronger binding. It can be used for both limp and hard cover.



Wire-O Binding

A method of binding where a series of wire rings is inserted into holes punched into the pages of the book. Wire-O binding can be categorised into fully concealed wire-o, semi-concealed wire-o, and open wire-o. It can be used for both limp and hard cover books.


After the specifications of your book are submitted to TWP, we will respond with a quote. Upon the confirmation of your order, we will start the printing process when we receive your file.

TWP will proceed to print your book in the quantity you have specified. We are also able to convert your book into an eBook format. Our TWP Digital team specialises in eBook conversions and mobile app development. In addition, we can take care of the packing, storage, and delivery of your books.

Our long history in the printing industry has allowed us to accumulate a wealth of experience in printing, that our skilled consultants are eager to share with you. They will guide you through the different stages of the printing process with advice on the book's binding and finishing if you have any uncertainties.

Learn about our printing process here, or find our answers to frequently asked questions here.


TWP Book Binding Process