TWP Touchcode

If you are interested in printing Touchcode with TWP, please fill in the form below and our consultants will contact to schedule a demostration. Please note that the availability of the demostration is only limited to certain geographical region.

What is Touchcode?

Touchcode is a low cost IP protected invisible identification tag that is fully recycable. It is a licensed technology and can only be printed by authorized printers.

Touchcode can unlock exclusive content on multi touch devices such as smartphones or tablet computers just by tapping it on the screen.

Touchcode consists of a substrate material (paper, artcard) and a layer of conductive material formed into patterns that are placed onto the substrate like inks on a printing press.

How to Use:

1. Open up application or website.

2. Hold Touchcode in “hold here” area.

3. Instantly connect physical to digital.