Commercial Cards

TWP can assist you in creating your own cards! These cards can range from being part of the collaterals in a marketing campaign to your very own collectible or trading card game.

Card Design & Game Concept Creation

TWP offers graphic designing services as well as game concept creation. We also assist marketing and advertising efforts with commercial cards, if you wish to add commercial card into your marketing campaign but do not know how to go about doing it. At TWP, we help to bring your ideas to life. Our dedicated team is capable of designing the artwork and card layout, as well as work with your marketing team to roll out the marketing campaign for the card. If you prefer to have a promotional game, we can also help to design one for you.


In addition to card design and game concept creation, TWP also offers the technology to integrate Touchcode into your cards. Touchcode allows your cards to be interactive and have an online and offline presence. With just a tap of the card printed with Touchcode on your app, you can launch images, videos or even games. Touchcode opens up endless possibilities! Click here to learn more about Touchcode.

Touchcode App

TWP is capable of developing apps that work together with Touchcode cards. The app can be used as a promotional tool to help you market your product, or it can be a tool for the marketing campaign for your card game.

Third Party Logistics

TWP can assist in your post-production logistic needs. We provide warehousing and supply chain solutions to our customers. View the supply chain solutions we offer here.


TWP understands the need to protect your interests in this age where counterfeiting is so common and products can easily be replicated. Our premises are highly secured with strict policies in place during the printing process to prevent theft and leakage of information. Several levels of security measures are implemented to ensure that TWP is able to protect your interests to the best of our abilities.


Commerical Card Printing in TWP Plant