Trading Card Games

TWP offers a one stop production service for trading card games (TCG) cards.

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

Singapore is internationally recognised as having created an environment conducive to the development and protection of Intellectual Property (IP). The World Economic Forum ranked Singapore as second in the world and top in Asia for having the best IP protection in 2013. A partnership with TWP, based in Singapore, extends the secure protection of Singapore’s laws and regulations to your IP.

We understand that the image copyrights and data information with regards to TCG are both sensitive and confidential, and are committed to looking out for your best interests. Sharing your concerns about security, our highest priority is ensuring full security at every stage of TCG card production. This is why we created a secured area solely for the production of TCG cards.

Card Finishing

We offer a wide variety of specialized finishes that can be applied to cards. These finishes include UV casting, stamping, embossing and silk-screening. Explore the various finishes we offer here.


Safety is of the utmost importance at TWP.  From raw materials to finished products, we ensure that each component is safe for consumers at the end of the day. We work with accredited third party testing labs to get our raw materials and finished products tested and verified to be safe.

View the numerous certifications that we have here.

Point of Sales Display

Need a display for point of sales purchase or to promote the launch of your new series of card? TWP can help you with that too!

Card Packaging

Our services include providing your desired packaging of the printed cards. We offer standard deck sets, shuffled packs, and serialized cards as well as pack printing. Find out more from our skilled consultants.

Third Party Logistics

Packed cartons are kept securely in our warehouse while awaiting shipment. View the supply chain solutions that we offer here.