TWP Touchcode

TWP Touchcode

What is Touchcode?

Touchcode is an invisible code printed on a card that can be read by any multi-touch device such as smartphones and tablets. Touchcode is capable of unlocking exclusive content on apps through the simple process of tapping the Touchcode embedded card on the screen.  

Touchcode is a low cost, easy to use and fully recyclable print product requiring no change in hard or software to be activated. Touchcode consists of a substrate material (paper or art card) and a layer of conductive material formed into logic arrays that are placed onto the substrate like inks on a printing press.

How to Use:

1. Open up application or website.

2. Tap card on multi-touch device.

3. Instantly connect physical to digital.

Possible Applications

Brand Identification

  • Helps companies and consumers to authenticate products and fight piracy.
  • Safer than holograms as Touchcode is an invisible and hidden


  • Helps company in product advertising and promotion.
  • Run marketing campaign and interact with consumer through digital platform.

Media Publishing

  • Helps publishers to enhance printed media and interact with customers through digital platform.
  • Digital access to book previews,  trailer and advertisements.


If you are interested in receiving a free demostration on Touchcode from TWP, please visit this page and fill in the form to get started.