Always at the cutting edge of print technology, TWP has always utilised the most advanced quality equipment in the world. We offer offset printing, digital printing and a variety of book binding options. One of the largest printing presses in South East Asia, we also own an immense inventory of paper in our 15,000 m2 warehouse. TWP maintains a substantial stock of paper to satisfy the needs of our international clientele.  With over 75 years of printing knowledge, the TWP staffs are capable of handling any and all of your printing needs.



Pre-press refers to the process carried out before the actual printing. This extends from the formatting of text or images to fit within the boundaries of the book, to the creation of the printing plates that will be used by the printing machine. At TWP, we have state-of-the-art technology and trained professionals to provide color separation, desktop publishing, computer to plate, and conventional film-based pre-press services.



Press refers to the printing of your book. TWP is equipped with top-of-the-line offset printing and digital machines. With our wide range of printing presses, we are able to print thin and thick papers with in-line coating in various print formats. Our quality control team ensures that quality checks are constantly performed, so your final product is of the highest quality. View our list of press machinery here.



During the binding process, the printed pages are gathered into signatures. A signature is a collection of pages that forms one part of a book, which are sorted in the right order. All the signatures are gathered and the binding begins.  The cover of the book is then bound to the gathered signatures to form the final product. At TWP, we offer a variety of binding methods depending on the book thickness and your requirements.  Among our options are the perfect bind, saddle stitched, section sewn, wire-o and many others. View our list of binding and post-press machinery here.



Hand Work

TWP boost an impressive hand assembly line with over 600 skilled hands capable of producing a multitude of different effects in your book. From concept modelling to the finished product and packaging of the product, a skilled team of consultants with over 30 years of experience will satisfy your every need.  Talk to our sale representative for more information or request for a quote if you have any printing needs.