TWP is well-established in the printing industry. We enjoy a long history of success and pride ourselves on delivering what we promised.

Our products are of the highest quality thanks to top-of-the-line machinery and rigorous quality control at every step of the manufacturing process. We are constantly striving for improvement, diversifying our expertise and investing in new machinery to keep production at the finest quality in the market. TWP also prioritizes innovation in products and services that help our customers grow their business, all while protecting your best interests by investing in technology that keeps your intellectual property safe.

A partnership with TWP is synonymous with enjoying excellence, innovation and security.


Ensuring the safety of all parties involved in the production is of utmost importance to us at TWP.  This is why we strictly adhere to the standards of the ISO 14001, OSHAS 18000, FSC™, GSV, as well as the ICTI Care Process. Our production process is routinely inspected and tested to ensure that the final product is safe in consumers' hands.


TWP understands the need for the protection of information in this age where counterfeiting is common and products can be easily replicated. Our premises are highly secured with strict policies in place during the printing process to prevent theft and leakage of information. We have several layers of security measures in place to ensure that TWP is able to protect your interests to the best of our abilities.


In order to keep up with the times, TWP has never stopped innovating and upgrading the company. Throughout the years, we have evolved from package printers to book printing, and are now a total printing solution provider as part of DNP with customers worldwide. We have grown by constantly seeking out new technology, products and services that can add value to our international clientele's businesses, helping them capture new markets.

Our Staff

The people who work in TWP figure prominently in our success story. They originate from rich and diverse nationalities, cultures, experiences and backgrounds. TWP brings the world into our offices, so that we can in turn satisfy the world as our clients. Over 2000 staff from different continents around the world, in particular Asia, form part of the Tien Wah Press family.

We are led by a visionary, progressive and purposeful management with vast experience in packaging, manufacturing, printing, digital and publishing.  Our staff's capacity for personal growth and innovation thrive in a nurturing yet challenging culture characterized by trust, respect, professionalism, integrity and innovation.